New Strings


Just b4 I picked my racket up from tennis shop.


This time I chose Head Intellistring String yellow ver.
Wanna play ASAP!!
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This is Turkish alcohol called "TEKIRDAG RAKI" which is made by Grapes & Aniseed.
My Turk friend gave me to try.

As you can see, its clear colour but when you mixed with water it became

Amazing isnt it? I surprised.
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You are my angel


This is one of my lladro collections n i think its limited for 1500.
I met Rosa Lladro at a party and she signed to it!!!! Awesome!
Many Thanks to her.
My other collection can be seen onHere
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About 2months ago, I had dinner with American, Chinese and Korean.
At that time American guy asked me “ if I’m not here which language you guys speak??” I answered “of course English”. He thought Asian people speak same language… hahaha ^^;
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Beautiful Wine


I drank this beautiful Spanish red wine. It was gift from wine shop owner, where I always buy wine.
Other red wine
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Internal 3.5inch HDD on Mac mini

I disassembled mac mini and removed 2.5inch HDD & optical drive.
I connected this IDE ADAPTER & connected IDE cable to it.
From that I can use 3.5inch HDD x2 or + 5.25inch Drive.
Now I'm using 3.5inch HDD + Pioneer DVR-109.
Much faster than b4!!!!
More pics

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i listen

I bought iTalk for my study. I'll use it in a lecture and rec what they say n listening as a review in my free time. I hope it can rec sounds clearly.

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My lunch

I had lunch in Italian cuisine restaurant as usual. Today I had Fish Of The Day but picture is pasta which I had 2wks ago. Amazingly one of the shop assistant gave me dessert wine n said it much with fish!! it was tast like sherry. After having lunch I went back to class n studied. hehehe


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Had a Great Time

I've been here many times with different friend.... some are already gone back to their country.... here.... always..... reminds me of precious time.
the day when i took this photo was my birthday... thx 4 my friends i really enjoyed...
gets old n get experienced... thx again from bottom of my heart

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So kind

Stagecoach here is very kind. Stagecoach went on strike n they pay us back credit.
it was amazing!!

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